Airjector•Vet with RespiDox In Practice

AirJector•VET with RespiDox in animal care practice explained

AirJector•VET with RespiDox Unboxing, Preparing, and Storing

The benefits of safe RespiDox pharmaceutical carbon dioxide therapy, when coupled with the ease of use of AirJector•VET mixing device and affordability of the treatment, make equine, canine, and large animals, including athletes, ideal candidates for our non invasive transdermal carbon dioxide therapy.

20–25-minute treatments can be delivered in the clinic, the barn, the paddock, the pasture at home, or wherever the animal lives and spends comfortable time. No extensive training is necessary. It only takes a few minutes to unbox and start providing the treatment. While the condition must be diagnosed by, and the therapy administered under the supervision of, a veterinarian, any animal care worker or service provider, even the animal’s owner or trainer, can deliver the treatments.

Airjector•Vet with Respidox Is

  • Safe, low cost
  • Handheld and easy to use
  • 100% natural pharmaceutical CO2 with no chemicals or synthetics
  • Classified as a low-risk medical device for human use in the EU with approved indications
  • Administers USP gas manufactured in FDA approved cGMP facility, tested to EP standards
  • Measurable results after first application
  • Provides reliable revenue with no capital investment
  • Non-invasive and painless
  • Hygienic
  • Delivered directly to symptomatic areas


Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and technologists, animal clinics and hospitals, veterinary pharmacies, mobile animal care service providers, animal sanctuaries, shelters, and rescues, veterinary researchers, scientists, and institutions, zoos and zoologists, animal health care educational institutions, and other animal health care providers caring for animal health on a day-to-day basis.


  • The animal’s skin must be soaked before each application.
  • All ambient air should be removed from the AirCover with bandage included in all treatment kits.
  • Follow the recommended treatment protocol for the specific condition being treated.

The standard treatment protocol recommended by our customers to their clients is to treat the condition for twenty-five minutes every day for five days, and then every other day for seven additional treatments. In some cases, such as fractures, soft tissue injuries, slow healing wounds, and lesions deep within the limb, additional treatments may be necessary. Follow-up treatments every other week for a couple of days for a period of 1-2 months are also recommended.

If you are treating a lesion that is deep within the limb (e.g., more than a few inches), in order to optimize the transfer of gas to the inner depths, you should evacuate as much air as possible from the AirCover, soak the limb in very warm water for 10 minutes before treatment, and prolong the time of therapy to 30–35 minutes.

For chronic conditions, such as arthritis and soft tissue injuries, that are based mostly on inflammation, with a minor need to repair tissue, the standard treatment may well be sufficient. This would be followed up with a treatment every one to two weeks. Eventually, monthly or semi-monthly treatments may be enough to keep arthritis at bay.If there is trauma to the tissue typical of tears, fractures, or ruptures, the protocol should be extended with treatments two or three times a week for a full eight weeks.

Extended treatments may be needed for slow healing wounds. You may notice that the initial set of treatments are having good results, and you may want to continue therapy to ensure the good response. For the prevention of such conditions, our clients are recommending a six-treatment protocol twice a year to keep animal limbs healthy. For post-exercise recovery treatments, one treatment after each exercise is recommended.

If the entire protocol cannot be followed and the treatment regimen must be halted for any reason, the results tend to be delayed as well. Our clients therefore recommend the animal owner schedule and plan at least 30–45 days ahead to ensure the protocol can be followed to achieve the desired results.

Always consult with an animal health care provider for individual case-specific recommendations and cautions.


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